01 Plastic scintillator 

It is a core part of a detector used to measure high-energy light (X-, Gamma-ray) using an photomultiplier and it is attached to an photomultiplier. This allows high-energy photons to react with the scintillator and turn them into bundles of photons in the visible region, which are measured by a photomultiplier. It exhibits a relatively high light output and relatively very fast signal with a 2-4 nanosecond decay time, and the ability to form almost any desired shape is the biggest advantage of plastic scintillators.  

02 Scintillator formed in the various shapes

03 Plastic (acrylics) polishing, Scintillator processing

This is the polishing acrylic using an ultra-precision high-speed polishing machine that can polish at a max speed of up to 6000 Hz per second. It can polish vertically and also at the angle of 0˚~60˚. It is capable of polishing from 1,300mm long to 10T0mm thick.

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