Dangers of radiation

Particle rays or radiation emitted by the decay of a radionuclide element. In a broad sense, radiation, which means particle rays or electromagnetic waves generated by various reactions involving an atomic nucleus, means that when exposed to the human body, DNA is generated by physical and chemical reactions. It can be damaged (cancer, infertility, birth defects), and the impact on health may vary depending on the degree of damage.


Normally, when a lot of radiation is exposed, the degree of its effect is severe. In the case of radioactive contamination, it is not possible to grasp the human five senses, and the damage to the human body can range from chronic damage to severe death. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the damage caused by radioactive contamination through accurate measurement even in the smallest amount of contamination. This is the best way to stop.


• Natural radiation and Artificial radiation

• Effects on human body according to radiation exposure dose

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